Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome to the Ball!

This is my little corner of the world and we don't do it too fancy up here! I have made this dress out of some vintage wallpaper and ribbon and a button.

This is a dress more like it! Wouldn't this be lovely to wear?

Does the guy come with it?!!

And of course my Daughter is here - dressed up and ready to party!

Have fun everyone! Welcome to the full moon.

Check out all the dresses at EB's blog - be dream play (


  1. so nice to meet you...your gown is wonderful...just a dance for me...blessings, rebecca

  2. So pleased to know that you and your daughter will be attending the ball, look out for my Fairy Violette she would love to dance in the moonlight with you both...

  3. here I am - finally made it - your dress is just lovely... ready to dance - or would you like some pie?

    xox - eb.

  4. I happen to think it's lovely, perfect for dancing and it cinches the waist beautifully! I'd wear it AND that delightful gypsy one in the picture!
    So nice to meet you! Isn't this fun?
    I do hope you'll stop by my Cafe for a sip and hello along the way.

  5. Welcome to the ball! Your daughter can certainly dance too!

  6. It is simply Beautiful! And I bet the most comfortable to wear!
    Sandra Evertson

  7. Your dresses are divine. Let all dance the night away!

  8. Lovely! ...and I love the picture on your banner!

  9. You look so beautiful! And have some more punch...don't listen to the others.

  10. Your gown is lovely, and you can wear the other one too, if you like, for our imaginations can make so much happen! Let's dance!

  11. Your dress for the ball is
    simply divine and your
    daughter is so pretty!
    What a special dance this is
    going to be!

  12. *charming* dress! lovely couple! (ohhhhh yes, he IS dreamy!) BEAUTIFUL daughter!

  13. what a lovely ball gown!! perfect way to dance the night away!
    your daughter is so pretty in her dress too!!

  14. I think your dress is perfect! Of course, if the guy comes with the other dress . . . Come by for some canapes if you need a break from all this dancing!

  15. well,
    truth be told...

    i adore anything
    with somepinkflowers on it,
    i do.


    if my waist was that small
    i would show it off, too.
    good for you.

    your daughter is beautiful
    and i love that you are bringing her.
    there are other mothers and daughters here.
    lets go find them...

  16. I think your dress is simply lovely - and your daughter looks beautiful! So glad you both could make it to the ball. Lovely to meet you both!

  17. Your dresses are so pretty. glad you joined the ball, I was a late arrival, but better late than never :)


  18. beautiful gown, lovely daughter and I am glad you came to the ball to dance with us.

    Carol M

  19. Your dress turned out WONDERFUL !

    And I love that dress you show in the YES I would love to wear that too!

    Your Daughter is Beautiful and HER Dress is So Pretty Too. How fun for You to have Her there celebrating the Full Moon and The Ball with You....

    Well I did not get by last night because I did not get but half way thru the list on EB's blog !

    Happy Full Moon. HAppy Autumn !
    Thanks for the dance!