Thursday, September 27, 2007

The big reveal!

I have been talking about this and talking....and now the big reveal! Aren't you excited?

I have been cleaning up the room where I create. It is hard since it is in the middle of the house and the front door opens into it so it became a catch all area. It is also the computer room and I have my other table nearby so it is a place I need to keep organized.

So I got that cupboard and put all my stuff inside and it is now semi organized. YAY!

Here are some before and after shots.

Here's where I used to do stuff is on the floor - everywhere else was covered!

A while ago I moved some stuff and put a table in - I thought it would help and it soon became covered.

This is during the process - taking ALL my books out of the bookcase and PILING them anywhere and everywhere. I really love my books.

Here's the before

and AFTER!!

Cool eh?

I sorta HAD to move those books since we are gonna need heat SOMETIME this winter!Yuck!


  1. Wow That was ALOT of work ! I bet you can't believe it is done! and it looks great.....

    Can You Come Over and do mine TOOOO ?

  2. Congrats on the reorganization- I bet it feels good to have it done!