Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Circle Journal - Andrea

Don't peek Andrea - if ya don't want to see!!

This is book #1 for me to do a page in. Andrea's theme was color and it was in a neat 6x12 overlay sheets. I cut out a design in the corner and then decided to use it as a see through and to put things on the top and on the back.

Sorry for the crappy pics... by the time I got done it was dark and I wanted to pack it up to send it on its way!

This is the first side. I chose Black and White for my colors... I put under the plastic, some sheet music and a dictionary page which I wrote on. On the top side, I added a neat button, the velvet letters and a sticker that says DANCE.

THis is the back of that page, it is an envelope with the quote inside.

These look better in real life - but you get the idea. Can't wait to see the other colors!

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  1. ooooooo i couldnt resist a sneak peek, but I looked quick so i wouldnt ruin it! cant wait to savour it when it comes back to me! looks like such a cool pages...hheeeeee i'm excited!