Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sweet Treats!

I was gone yesterday... At the last minute on Friday - Sarah and her volleyball team found out they were going to COSSA which is like regionals for Ontario. They hadn't practiced in over a week and a half and had one practice before their first game on at 11 yesterday. They were all thinking it was a waste of time.. the other teams were gonna be too good etc... They all rallied together in the second game and won against the top team and went on to beat out 2 other teams to come home with this!!

Silver medals! and the final games were so close... Everybody played awesome and Sarah said it was her best all year. Very cool to be there and see all that - even though it was nerve wracking! Way to go Sarah!

Last week I also got my sweet treats book which was the recipe book of 42 pages from different people. It is so neat and I love my handmade cover from Karla! This swap was by Beth of Gathering Dust and Karla from Karla's cottage. Everyone also swapped out a hand made tag.

These are some of the pages

This is my page front and back

Can't wait to try some recipes out!

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