Monday, July 20, 2009

Fantasy in the Forest

Yesterday, a friend and I went on a tour to the Fantasy in the Forest. It is an art show for the weekend at a wonderful location on the side of a lake. Neat little buildings where different artists were set up and also over the grounds in tents.

Here are some shots...

This is when you first walk in and a path to the lake. I love the pergola over the dock! Made with cedar posts and driftwood.

This is one of the little buildings. This one was made of plaster and wood ends and the gables were bottles on their sides. It made a nice effect inside.

This is the screen door of the house going to the porch - which they had set up as a little tea room with homemade goodies. We couldn't resist the apple cheescake! yum.

And this mermaid saying goodbye... If you notice, her hands and hair are all driftwood. Amazing! To see more of Jamie Bricks work - go here.


  1. Sarah @ Different DogJuly 21, 2009 at 9:50 AM

    Your blog is so interesting, love all the the art, I'm going to read ya! I love Ontario and hope to visit there again one day. You're so lucky to live there!
    I'm in Los Angeles. Horrors!

  2. Hi Chery! I'm so happy you will be joining the party. I'll add you to the guest list right now. If you have comment moderation or word verification could you please turn it off for the party so we can all leave comments easier? Thanks so much. See you Friday!!!

    My Desert Cottage

  3. Oh - this is just delightful! I would love to spend a day walking and browsing.

  4. This show looks so awesome--where is it?