Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekend views

Wow, that was fun! Thanks for everyone for visiting me and how inspiring to see all the creative spaces! I hope to visit some new blog friends too.

This past weekend Sarah and I went to our friends cottage and on Sunday went to an art show in Bon Echo park. The girls decided to carve a piece of soapstone. It was pretty cool.

First, there is a pile of different shapes to choose from - all different sizes.

Sarah chose a heart one like this.

Then you have to file down all the outside corners and edges. Nice white dust everywhere!

Then 3 different grits of sandpaper to make it nice and smooth.

The next step is to put it in water with emery paper and polish it. This is where its cool cause you finally see what color your stone is.

Then it has to be oiled to keep the color.

Ta-Da! The finished piece. She etched a music note in there and wants to get a cord to thread it onto.

While we were there, I went to the "rock". It is a famous landmark around here with indian petroglyphs painted on it and one of the highest points around.

The rock is so pretty and you can also take a boat ride over and hike up to a lookout which is amazing.

A good day.

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