Friday, November 6, 2009

Art Journaling a la Teesha

I am definitely having fun now! Earlier this week, I watched all the great videos at 
Teesha Moores site on how she art journals from the blank page on. Wonderful!

I kept thinking on it and wanted to try it - so I did today.

First I painted it - I like how bright it is.

Then just go wild and make a collage border, don't think just grab papers that you like and put them where you think they look good. So freeing! I am always so organized and planned out - so this was perfect for me. And it only took 10 minutes!

Then add a central character, add some clothes and make it your own.

Collage part all done. I decided to have flowers and her reaching for them. You can't even tell here that those aren't her original eyes.

The next step was to go around the edges with pan pastels. I don't have them but I used regular oil pastels and just rubbed them with my finger and they worked good! An eraser can get rid of things you don't like.

It really makes things pop. I loved the turquoise pastel with the yellow and how that copied her dress.

Then was pen work. Using white pens, markers, crayons - just outline and define things you think need something. Again - all just your gut, and so cool to see what comes out without too much thinking!

And so far - ta da! I added some collage hands and stamp that I thought looked good. I drew in her scarf and striped leggings and boots and then outlined some things and added details.

The next step is lettering which is coming on Teesha's site soon. So I am gonna leave this for now and then post the finished page when it's done. 

Go make some art!


  1. Looks great so far. Like you I have trouble with finding just the right paper or putting it in just the right place. I've used a book called Kaleidescope to do something similar with not giving yourself time to think too much. It really helps us timetakers!

  2. Fun, fun, FUN! You chose the perfect hands! Love the scarf and socks!

  3. This turned out gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what else you create. Again, thank you for posting it to our group. ~Stacy (BAJ Yahoo group)

  4. This looks brilliant! And the images look really altered in a way that Teesha would definitely approve of! Great work!!!

  5. Looking girl, I enjoyed seeing your process, can't wait to see it finished, ps I too love turquoise.

  6. Hi Cheryl:
    I came to you via your etsy shop; had to see your blog after I read your profile!!!
    I like how you have explained this process. I want to try this; you make it seem simple for a beginner like me : )
    I am following you in your pine forest :)

  7. I found your blog thru a comment you left on Theresa Sheeley's post saying you are a Canadian. Me too! So I looked you up and love your art. I will be back!

  8. Oh, I love this! You are doing a great job - and I love the vibrancy of it all....will be checking in later to see the progress...

  9. Awesome work! I'm going to have to check out Teesha's videos too!

  10. Fabulous job! Love the face on the little person! And great tutorial. I will be checking back :-)