Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My handmade art journal

The Teesha inspired journal page on my last post was done on a lone piece of watercolor paper. I wanted to practice and not "wreck" any good book and I thought I didn't have any Fabriano paper that was suggested. After I finished that page I remembered I had a whole journal book FULL of Fabriano paper!

This is the journal I made at artfest this year in Pam Garrisons class. I went back in my blog and I forgot to post this so I am gonna do it now!

This is the cover and it was so much fun to make and we did them in just one day! And a lot easier than I thought. The covers are just 9x12 board canvases, but you could use any board since it is covered up with  a paper collage that you make first then glue on. 

This is the back. After the outside paper is on, you fold it over and make the inside papers cover the folds. Then the 2 boards are put together with binding tape and you can make it as thick or thin as you like. 

This shows the inside papers and the tape. Once that is done, you have your folded paper signatures and then just sew them
in! You can have your stitching showing but for this, we covered our spines. 

Then we got to doodle and play on the covers as much as we liked! I did more doodling after class, but most of everything was done in class. Wonderful! And Pam was a great and patient teacher. She brought some of her journals and we were all drooling. She also shared! Paints, wallpaper, vintage ledgers. Lots of fun.

Here are some closeups...

These are brads that I put on the paper first before I attached it to the boards.

These letters were glued on later.

So... I thought whoa! I have a whole book here sitting empty! I can use this. And I did - woohoo! and its even "good" - I am so glad I am getting over that fear of wrecking something or wasting stuff. The end feeling is so worth it.

THis is 2 pages prepped with paint. I wanted to try some darker colors this time.

And this is with the collage border done. Stay tuned for these finished pages and now I have ideas swirling all in my head for more ideas. Love it!

As I am finding out, I like to work with ideas and themes, so this journal was made with traveling and letters in mind when I did the covers and I had thought of using it as a travel journal. But I think this is good too cause it is a journey for me too - just an interior one.

Happy trails!


  1. Go girl! That's the whole point, having fun and gaining confidence. I love your journal, and it IS a traveling journal after all, isn't it? A journey through the land of colors and Teesha inspiration. Your journal looks brilliant. Hello, fellow traveler. Sox

  2. What a fantastic workshop you attended! And now you've found the perfect use for this journal. I'm looking forward to all the characters you create to join the journey. And remember, you can always gesso the entire page and claim to have created a textured background. No mistakes!

  3. Great book you made there. Glad you remembered it and are now using it. You are right, your art path is a journey too. I'm working on my Teesha Moore trial page also. Got the border done on my spread but now have to really ponder as I have a spiral binding down the center of two very tall and narrow pages (think business envelope size as that is what most of the pages in this journal are).

  4. Love your work and your blog!
    You are a very talented artist, family sometimes don't get it, but that's ok.
    I went and order the catalogs you posted about earlier.
    Way cool!
    Can't wait to see what you do next.

  5. Wow these are all so beautiful! I like the little letters and the way you put your pages together! You inspire me! :-)

  6. Yay for taking a chance and using the "good" stuff ! That journal is beautiful and so perfecy for continuing your Teesha adventures. Enjoy !