Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What is a fatbook you ask? Well, it's 53 (FIFTY- THREE) pages all the same. 4x4" and all original. eek.

Did I mention both sides? yup.

I got mine all done and sent yesterday. woot! That was MY weekend gone. :)

This is the front and back...I attached a business card which just happens to say "once upon a time". Fitting since the theme is Fairy Tales.

I would love to add tons of stuff to these...but I gotta keep them sort of flat for shipping since I live in post crazy prices Canada. Speakin of which - everything just went up again Jan 15. and not a few cents either, like 8%! and this happens twice a year. Yeah, wonderful.

Well, we had RAIN and more rain yesterday and this morning awake to snow. At least its still mild. Rain just not seem right here in Jan!

Still sketching every day and I will post more of those tomorrow.


  1. Cheryl
    What do you do with the fat book? You said you were sending it away.

  2. Wow! I've never made more than 12 of the same page for a swap. I call them Chunky Books and love to chunk them up with fibers and doodads. I hear you about the postage costs!

  3. They look goooood! I hear you about the multiple pages though... I did a technique swap which involved 102 pages! I don't think I would do that again! Your sketches are really good too. Practice makes perfect :-)

  4. COOL Cheryl, what do you do with the book? Will you take pictures of it when it is done? -Jenny from Blissfully Art Journaling