Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sketchbook drawings

Some more daily drawings in my sketchbook...


  1. Love the princess and the pea. She does look lonely up there... Great clock. I love clocks. Good for you for keeping on top of your sketching.
    I bet you'll be happy to see the back of the 50 pages! That sounds like a lot of work.

  2. Oh Cheryl
    I am with Sox--LOVE the princess and the pea!!!! Great job on the others too!

  3. aahh!The princess and the pea!! I love it Cheryl!!

  4. You've been busy! And I too love the mattresses and bed!

  5. Wow ! You are on a wonderful roll...
    Have been called the "Princess and the Pea" by my hubby for a long time - like my bed and my sheets just so. I think of myself as the Queen now, all grown up but still loving that smooth bed.
    Keep up this great practice !
    Happy Groundhog Day !

  6. Love these. I particularly like the Princess and the pea. My favorite story growing up. You did a great rendition of it.