Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Journal page in progress...

This is a page in progress.. don't ask me where the idea of faces in flowers came from?! I had a dream about them and thought it might be cool looking. I have added a sun and some words to this but still not done yet.

It looks joyful and I need some joy over here(a lot going on - involving boyfriend going to hospital and sickness and bad accidents) All is OK now - well, the best it can be - and I will be fine... just breathe!

Send me some good thoughts if you can spare them. :)


  1. Sorry things are bumpy there...hope it all smooths out soon.
    Sending some good vibes and tlc your way...

  2. Sending you some good energy. Hope things settle down for you!!

  3. Your page looks great.can't wait to see it finished! hope things get better soon.

  4. sending warm good thoughts your way and hope all will soon be well

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