Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Review - Artists Journals & Sketchbooks

I know! This has been around for a while (since 2004! ) which is a lifetime for books - but this is one I just visited. I had the library order it in for me, since I had seen it everywhere and it did not disappoint.

The author is Lynne Perrella who is a frontier in the mixed media world and it includes many other artists all of us are familiar with - Teesha Moore, Michelle Ward, Anne Bagby, Nina Bagley, Juliana Coles and many more. FULL of inspirational pictures of journals and sketchbooks PLUS techniques and ideas to make your own.

From making your books to what to put on them... this is a book that I am tempted to own and there are not many of them.

Check it out if you never have or just revisit. I am sure there is a little nugget in there you could explore!


  1. One of my favorite mixed media books!!

  2. This was the book that started it all for me, Cheryl ! I found it at Barnes adn Boble and spent an hour staring at the pages - I had found my art !!! The art I wanted to make, the messy, mixed up, collector, altered art that I wanted to make.
    I bought the book. It is still on my shelf. It is also signed by the author herself, as I took an art retreat with Lynne Perella and Anne Bagby in Mexico in 2007. It was great to learn to smear paint with the mistresses !
    Needless to say I totally agree with your great review ! Enjoy it !

  3. Barnes and Noble...sorry for all the typos...;)