Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a little chilly....

Keeping my mind off the cold....

Last week I went to Chapters and spent the gift card I had been given by my wonderful daughter for Christmas.

Tough job - spending a few hours in the book store... but I managed. :)

This is my scoop. I got 2 new mags I have never read. Has anyone seen these? They look really fun and full of good ideas and home decorating.

I also got my first moleskine!!! Yay. It is a ruled one, but it is covered by map illustrations and inside too.

Even better when it has this on the cover....
I could never justify spending over 30 dollars on a notebook. But 1/2 off is good! See the map design? I dont know why this one was on sale - it was in with all the datebooks.

I think it would make a nice travel journal.

Then I grabbed this at the cash. It is a book for a gift card, but I think I would like to make it into a little altered book. Not sure if I will keep it orange or change that, but love the cover. And a little ribbon to close it. 2 bucks!

Well, back to painting now!

Stay warm.


  1. Looks like a fun day at the bookstore-love that little $2 book!

  2. i've been to the other blog many times, and this is my first time to this one. love it. and love your header here! :) so you're just using this one now, right? i'll change the bookmark. let me know if i'm wrong. thx