Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Artwords - Yellow and some close ups

This is my entry for Artwords this week. The word was Yellow. At first I was like huh? What am I gonna do for that? Yellow is not one of my favourite colors and so I thought of it and what usually happens..... I thought of ideas. Since this is Easter weekend and everything to do with Easter is yellow - eggs, chicks, flowers. I decided to do an Easter page! So this is my YELLOW page.

Speaking of Easter, Sean came home last night with some Easter lilies! Sarah had just been admiring them on Monday night and I hadnt told him that! So I wanted to take a picture to show you, but it is so crappy here with rain for the last 2 days! I then decided to do some close ups and then played with some of them.

Hope you like it!

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