Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vintage corset

This is a picture of a vintage corset. It is only 22" around! Can you imagine? It has laces up the front and hook and clips at the back.
It has bone stays and lace across the bottom.
I just listed it today on ebay for seven days so till April 26th.

I've been busy working on some swaps and tomorrow I want to clean out my "shed" AKA workshop/studio. I will post pics of all. Now to go watch Survivor!!


  1. Yikes! Ouch!! Can you imagine the pain and not being able to get a full breath--torture! I guess the notion is not all that antiquated, 'cause today we have other means of torture to look "beautiful"--plastic surgeries, high heels, etc--when will we learn?


  2. Oh, the corset is beautiful. I love corsets and the shape that they give. Although it's preferable when the corset is built into the dress.

    Cherry xx