Monday, April 2, 2007

Some yard sale finds

We went to a couple yard sales last weekend and I am posting some pics.

There was this rose bowl for 10c!

A whole bunch of these little frames for $1.00

An old chamber pot with a pic of a deer - it has a crack in it, but I think it will look good outside somewhere with a plant in it. Only 50c!

These salt and peppers and bottles all for 50c.

And this sugar bowl full of stuff for 50c. I love the pink.

Don't you love the sales where there are 10c and 50c things?!! I can't wait to get for more to come. I said I had gone yard saling and Sarah was like " are you serious? Look how much junk we have now! "

Junk? JUNK?!!

Poor girl, she just doesn't understand.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Yes I love yardsales that are priced right! I complain all the time that thrift stores and yard sales must think they're actually antique stores with the prices they put on thier "junk!"

    I also have a thingy for salt and pepper shakers! Can you ever have enough? Not me!

    Very cool chamber pot - that's totally you!!