Friday, March 30, 2007

Some easter ideas

Now, Easter is getting closer and even tho we dont decorate much for easter and no Easter bunny is coming here... but I see all the other bloggers have many spring and easter things and I thought I could decorate the blog at least!
This is the April issue of Martha Stewart Living and these are some ideas from there. The "tree" is a modified christmas tree with the branches put in an egg shape!

These are pompom bunnies with thread wrapped carrots.

Speaking of thread wrapping - it looks so cool. Now that's a way to use thread! Look at these eggs and wrapped in ribbon.

Then some pipe cleaner birds on a thread wrapped twig with silk flowers.

All very pastel and spring-like. All of the instructions are here as well.

The sun is shining - again! and the sap is running up here. I went to visit a friends sugar house on Tues and she took off the first syrup of the season. Nothing like fresh maple syrup. I might do a picture story later. It looks like the next few days is going to be perfect for it!

Have a good weekend, not sure if I will post or not, since there is ALOT of yard work to do and it is so nice out. I have to clean out my porch - long story - so I can put my hammock back up there for a bit before the blackflies come! So that is on my to - do list. I will take pics before (AHH!) and after. There is alot of before pics and I want to do a series on the house remodel and I have to get my pics from my other computer for that.

Be sure to get outside!!

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