Monday, March 19, 2007


Yes we are back, and everywhere you went was Hola, senorita.... please please look at my shop! Very nice people but the vendors can be very pushy!

We had fun altho we both got sick separate days and for about 24 hours. Thank goodness for air conditioning and cable!

The resort was amazing and a great room and view of the ocean. We had our own private balcony with a hammock and it was great!

The food was good and a good variety and the entertainment at night was good too!

We went and saw the mayan ruins and went parasailing!

At about wednesday, I was getting lonesome for some kind of craft or art or something! I watched some decorating shows, but not the best. We found a museum beside the hotel that was supposed to not be that great, but we went and it was awesome! It was a folk art museum showing all the crafts of mexico. I will do a whole post on that in days to come. It was just what I needed! Sarah seemed to like it too, altho she said "I'm not goin nuts like you over it" Ha!

Overall, a good time but glad to be home, even tho as I type, there is another blizzard outside and I had to come home to it Sat night. From +27C to -5. YUCK! I did not miss that, but I did miss seasons. I was only there for one week and I can see that I would not want that year round. No spring??? C'mon. and no fall and leaves changing and no snow? Altho I have had enough of the white stuff for this year! Hopefully soon.

Also, I missed my pine trees, rock cliffs, all the lakes and maple trees.

As with all travel, it makes you appreciate what you have.

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  1. Oh me gosh, just look at those pictures!!! The sky, the sand, the water. I'm SO JEALOUS!!!!