Friday, March 2, 2007

What a difference!

I am on the computer in my daughters room, and it was the main one till I got a new Mac. Now I love the Mac except that the browser does not allow alot of the features of blogger! I went on to explorer and there is tons of stuff, like colors and text changes and bullets and italic and links! I want to add links and I'm gonna have to use the code to do it on my computer. I added a couple pics but I still cant figure out how to do a banner like everyone has with the letters inside!! Can anyone help me?

I dont have many pics over here that are sized down, they are still way too big to upload. So that is why there is a pic of some keys! I like old keys tho. I just wanted to try and see how different it is over here. I like it! I might have to put some pics on this computer cause it seems way easier.
Sorry with boring you with this! I'll go now.

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