Friday, March 23, 2007

New items on ebay

Spring cleaning!

I started this week and I have to do some more... but I have a couple things up for sale on ebay that I am clearing out. As you know, I am a book and magazine FREAK and I have to pare down some, so I am selling some things I have moved and moved and hardly ever looked at!

The first is a copy of Better homes and garden hardcover Garden Style book. It is in great shape and I think I have only looked at it once! Crazy since it was over 50 bucks with tax! Time to let someone else use it.

Next, is an 1988 copy of Victoria magazine. Yes I love them too and I have more that I am going to list, because I thought I could cut up for pictures.... then thought NO! Let someone else enjoy it in its form since I have tons of other mags I can cut. If they want to cut it, that's up to them!

The other thing is this really neat scrapbook full of cards and quotes all hand done by the person who signed it in the back. There are easter, christmas and valentine cards all placed in here with stickers. I love the picture on the front!

I will be adding some more after the weekend.

I also wanted to thank everyone who visited me and thanks for the comments on the day of the tea party. Thanks go to artsymama for a well organized and neat event. Maybe a yearly first day of spring thing?

It sure feels like it here today and I think I am heading outside!!

Have a good weekend everybody!

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