Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cabinet of curiousities - Destination

This is the last challenge for the cabinet of curiousites. ArtsyMama had said it was destination and reflection since this was the last one. I am however am going to continue with the book and adding some more pages! Its huge and I have lots of room for more. I am going to make it full of questions and answer them on the pages - hence cabinet of curiousities.

So I made this page in sort of 2 parts. I used Destination. On the one side is a highway stretching out with the word on the top of the mountains in the distance. I put JUST DO IT on the highway and wherever you want to go. So this side saying follow your heart and your dreams and continue forward. Follow the road to wherever it takes you.

The other side is actually a destination. Mexico - where my daughter Sarah and I are going next week! YAY! Can't wait. So I used pictures of sand beaches, palm trees and our resort and put in our dates and the word Mexico. This has been one of our dreams, so now the road is taking us there.


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