Thursday, March 29, 2007

Goodie Swap!!

A while ago I joined a goodie swap by Bonnie at and I got my partner as Mizsmoochielips! We emailed back and forth to see what each other liked and I received my package yesterday!

There was a boxful! This is a pic of everything and then I will show you some closeups. I got some craft supplies - buttons, sparkles, glitter, tassles, stickers, paper and some vintage pages. There was also some tins, napkins, a couple plastic eggs(for easter)!! some really neat patchwork pieces and other goodies.

This is a doll she made the head on it is so cool! The green color matches my rooms well.

These are a couple of oriental envelopes. So neat!

She knew I love chocolate, so she sent a bobble pen and pad of paper with the saying - so many chocolates-so little time. Isnt that the truth!

Also along the chocolate theme was a tin of them! YES there are still some left.....

These are pine shaped decorations! Perfect for here.

And what I thought was perfect thing - was a roll of border paper with these pine cones on them!! How cool is that? I dont know now whether to use it as border or for art !! Decisions, decisions....

Thanks again Tia!


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