Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mexican Art

I stated a couple posts ago about going to the art museum in Mexico. It was great! It was all on the craft making of different states in Mexico and laid out in different rooms and areas. There was an area all on the musical instruments, then a wall of masks,

then a typical marketplace set up and a kitchen with all the tools still used today to make tortillas and to mill the corn. Also all the pottery as well. Other rooms were a church set up, a room all on toys, a display of nativity scenes and crosses make of all different materials such as corn husks, stone, wood, and pottery.

In the middle was a display of gourds.

There were a lot of different sizes and shapes and they were all used for different things. Hanging from the trees for birdhouses, used for drinking, for instruments, for carrying things. Some were carved, painted, and this one was beaded. Yes beaded! I could not believe the work in this - all little beads all over it. There were other items with beads as well. They were so cool.

The other thing I really liked too was these.

They are called tree of lifes and all different. There were a bunch of them and they all tell a story. They were quite large about 3-4 feet high and all made of wood and clay. Each little item is made and then attached to the wood which is also painted in detail like crazy! So intricate.

This gave me inspiration in the middle of Cancun to do some art! Of course I didnt have anything with me, but I took lots of pics so I can use them here. Everything was so colorful and I'd like to use some of that in painting.

I'll keep you posted!


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  1. Oh how FUN!! And such great colors! I love those trees of life and I keep eyeballing one at a local restaurant here... heh heh! Do you think the manager would notice... LOL!! I'm kidding