Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Artwords - Urban and Kiss

These are my 2 pages for the artwords site.

I am doing 2 weeks since I just decided to do this every week, so last weeks was Urban and this weeks is Kiss.

This is the pic for Urban. It is a collage about 10 x 10. As you can tell I really dont think too much of urban. I took the negative aspects of the city and put some words on there too. I dont mind the city to visit - just wouldn't want to live there! I think I am a little biased since I live in the DEEP RURAL! The first thoughts that entered my mind were these so I went with them!

Next is the Kiss one. At first I was thinking lovers kiss but I went through my pictures and I saw the pic of the girl kissing her Daddy and I decided to go with kid love and family.

The bottom writing is " First day home. First baby steps. A face smeared with birthday cake. Pet hamsters. Pet frogs. Pet turtles. Tents made out of sheets. Twirling contests. Chalk drawings on the sidewalk. Giggles from down the hall in the middle of the night. First lunch box. First day of school. Training wheels on. Training wheels off. Salty tears on skinned knees. Letters from camp. Homemade Mother's Day cards. Laughter. Hope. Plans for the future."

And then a sticker at the bottom that is " I am always here for you".

Thanks for looking!

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