Friday, May 4, 2007


I opened up my ETSY shop! It's called fromthepines (of course!). I had been thinking on it for a while, and I just decided to DO IT! I only have one item for sale right now, but I have some more ideas floating around my head.

This item is called "The Vintage Homemakers Paper Pack".
It has many papers, mostly vintage that have to do with the homemaker.

Such as: Recipe
Games and more!
There is also a piece of old lace and ribbon and a piece of fabric or doily.

Also included are some new items, such as pretty wallpaper and napkin, inspiration page, new craft sheet and a copy of a great old photo!

Each bag comes with a custom tag with a vintage button and can be personalized with calligraphy for free.

I also will try to cater to colors and themes anyone wants. For a full listing of the items, please go to the shop. This is just a sample - there are over 25 different things! All of these papers could be used in collage and your own art as well - it doesn't have to stay in this form.

But what a great idea for the women in your life! Truly one of a kind.

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