Thursday, May 31, 2007

Book Thursday and more!

Grab a seat - there's lots today!

First up is the book called Wonderful Wraps by Marie Browning. It is about making your own boxes and containers for gift wrapping. She even gives you all the templates for them! Really neat ideas - out of paper, metal, terra cotta pots, fabric and more! I got this from the library and usually I go through a lot of these books and get a couple ideas - but I had to renew this one so I can get all these patterns done!

Here are some pics of some containers you can make.

Next, is an item I have on ebay right now which is a needle holder. It could have been worn around the neck or kept in the sewing basket. A neat item!

Then I have a couple pics of some things I got yesterday. These 2 things are memo pads! I didnt realize they matched till I got to the cash, since I got them in different areas. 75 notes on each!

And then another trip to Michaels in a different town! Clearance section again and these "angel wings" were there. I guess you use them in paper making, but I think it would be neat to use them in pics as wings. I will show what I come up with.

As I've said before, I am in swap-bot and having a blast! I got my chocolate swap the other day.

In the Deloache box was 6 chocolates. I opened it up and look at these!

They are stamped on - well - were, they are gone now! They didn't last long around here!

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  1. I like the folded boxes, that is a good idea. It might take a few minutes, but for a cheapskate like me, I'll bet it saves on wrapping costs. (unless of course, I just go with the same used gift bag over and over, like I tend to do!)

    Thanks for the vote, everyone seems to like the frames.