Thursday, May 3, 2007

Renovations - the shed continued

So the next thing we had to do was fix the "bunkie". The main part was ok but there is a storage surrounding the outside of it that I plan to use for my studio, and its roof needed replacing, even some of the rafters! This is a pic from the back before. We had to move these trees and we changed the flat roof that was the problem to new slanted rafters.

This is from the front and you can see the sky when the old roof came off. This opening used to be a window and it turned into a door - works great!

Some of the old roof - just a little moss!

New rafters being put in.

The view from the back with the rafters in.

Then it was all plywooded and shingled. I can't seem to find the pic of the finished shingled one but it was all done in green shingles.

And all this was done in a weekend! Does he work fast or what?


  1. He really does work fast. Luckily for you! ;-)

    Cherry xx

  2. Thanks for visiting me, I am glad to find your site too!
    I have a similar shed that we fixed up and added electricity to. I used it for years as an antiuqe shop and a garden shed. It is so nice to have, you will love yours!