Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Artsy Mama's Artful Blogging Party

Hello and Welcome!

I didn't know what I was going to do for a tutorial and then I remembered a previous post I did about my altered puzzle. Sorry if this is a repeat for some of you!

I had to alter a puzzle in some way for a swap on swap bot and I decided I wanted to paint it and put a picture of a frog on there since she liked green and frogs. I had a 24 piece puzzle from the thrift store and I put it together first...

Then I had to paint it, but after it was painted, the picture would be covered and I had to put it back together! So I just separated them a bit and painted. I had some green metallic car paint and I like how it turned out shiny and hard.

I let that dry in the sun and then put the pieces back together.

Then I enlarged the frog to the right size on my scanner and printed it out. I glued it to the puzzle and put the quote " Time's fun when you're having flies" with white marker pen. Now the hard part began! I had to cut around all the pieces so it would go back together. Be careful not to put too much glue because then it will seep down into the cracks and be harder to cut.

After it was cut, I peiced it together to make sure it fit and then I had to take it apart and send it to her. She enjoyed it and liked the frog!

This could be done with any puzzle and you wouldnt have to put a picture on it, you could paint your own or make a design or collage on there. It could be any size but the bigger the challenge. I have seen puzzles as part of a bigger collage too on a canvas or painting. I also did one with a handmade postcard for some mail art. That post is below. The ideas are endless!

I hope you enjoyed your stop here and have a fun day! Thanks Kari for inspiring creativity in us all.


  1. Thanks for the great ideas! Cute frog by the way, wow that would have taken such a long time to cut around!!!

  2. This is fun! Could be double sided too!

  3. Cool idea- I'm thinking about all the possibilities!
    I got your mail art today- I love it! It's going right up on my "inspiration" board. Thanks!

  4. Very cool. I never would have thought to just separate the puzzle slightly before painting. You sure saved me a lot of heartache and trouble when I do my altered puzzle project!

  5. Such a great idea!! Thanks for visiting my blog and don't forget I will be drawing the winner of the paper packet on Sunday!

  6. Still mingling through all the parties! Great idea! TFS

  7. That's such a great ideia!! I guess I'm buying a puzzle tomorrow morning to try out this ideia!! :)

  8. Hi Cheryl...oh man! This is SO cute!!! What a perfect rainy day activity!!! Thank you for this great idea!