Thursday, August 23, 2007

I did it!

I think this writing down stuff really works for me and I need to do it more often! I wrote yesterday that I wanted to get that book done by this week - meaning Sunday or before and I went and read the last pages last night!! WOO-HOO! It is such a relief. I have actually started a new one! But just a bit, cause I am doing the new entry for the mail art in England. I am now doing Summer. I had wrote that down in my book to at least get the rough drawn on today and to have it mailed by the end of Aug. I sat down this morning and I am over halfway done! YAY!

I will post a pic when I am done - maybe tomorrow??

This photo is of a photo I have listed on ebay right now.

Tonight I am off to a scrapbooking store for a workshop. My friend won a workshop for her and 5 friends, so she invited me. I am going to do a page of part of our new york trip. It should be fun, the only downfall being the drive - but that's par for the course up here!

Today it is finally raining, its been a long time and I guess we need it. I didnt mind the 2-3 weeks of sunshine though! It's still warm, so I have the window open and listening to the rain fall while I work on this artwork. Good place to be.

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  1. hey cheryl - how funny i was just checking out your posts when you commented on mine - great minds. can you send me your email address please.