Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Monday!

It is a beautiful day here in the pines! The sun is shining and the breeze is blowing through the trees. The birds are all chirping crazily and I see red squirrels chasing each other around the yard.

The weekend was good - I got down early so I went to Chapters! I went to get the new artful blogging magazine but it wasnt here yet, maybe next week they said. So I HAD to get other mags. HAd to. They had the Marie Claire Idees and I've seen this on other blogs. It looks great! It is in French, but hey I'm Canadian! I had 13 years of French in school - I think I can muddle through. Also, somerset memories, adorn and a neat hobby farm book.

Then the next day we went to IKEA! Yay! But I didnt get anything, I didnt have room, but always some neat ideas. It was also so packed in there we couldnt move! Not fun, when so busy. I hit the flea market on the way home yesterday and all I got there were some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. I KNOW! I should be growing these myself and maybe some day???

I have been getting some mail art too, this great envelope from Karla with some goodies inside

and a neat envelope from Beth with a great tag inside!

This altered journal was also sent to me in a swap. See the moose and bears? and pine cones? So perfect for me!

Well I better go get some work done! I could spend all day on blogs and then nothing is done. It's getting to be like a bad habit, like chocolate - something you can't resist.

I 'm off again on Wed. I get to see Sarah! We are doing something for the day and then I am at my moms helping her clean up till the weekend. If I dont post tomorrow, I will see you Tuesday. Monday I think I am off to Canada's Wonderland with Sarah and her friend and mom. It's Canada's version of sixflags and its a huge amusement park. I will be sure to get pics of that too!

Have a good day and make sure you get outside! It's almost the middle of August and I have to treasure these days. They are gone all too soon.


  1. Finally wandering fashionably late for the party. I went looking for the artful blogging magazine too but we don't have any stores in our tiny town that carry that sort of thing. Then I went to Reno on Friday and almost forgot that I could pick it up. Found it at Barnes & Noble (along with three other art mags) and it's really jam packed with stories!

    I like your puzzle tutorial. That's a good idea. I wonder if it might be easier to paint an image than to glue one? Might have to try this - would make a good gift to send to the grandkids.

  2. My card arrived, how pretty!!!!!!! I posted a photo of it today to show it off


  3. Oh such fun mail art! And the Marie Claire Idees? I buy that magazine too but have NO CLUE how to read French. I find I am still inspired just by the visuals! I also buy Japanese craft magazines. I can't read a word but I still get a lot out of just gazing at the pictures!

    Fun blog...I'll be back! :-)