Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm back!

Time flies! So last week Wed I went with Sarah and went shopping and out for lunch. That was nice and then back to my moms to stay over and she went back to work on Thursday. Mom and I worked all day Thurs and Fri cleaning up her basement and outside. Sean came down friday and Sat we finished. So glad thats done! Mom is glad too.

I came home Sunday night and off to Wonderland at 6AM! It was fun, Sarah and her friend and her mom all went. We even went on some rides! So cool.

This one I did NOT go on tho - this is a pic of it in the air and then it comes swinging back through. The girls went on it and had fun.

We came back to town and had dinner and then Sarah went back to her Dads. 2 more weeks of work and then school starts Sept 4! She is happy and they are going to Toronto school shopping next weekend.

So now I am trying to get caught up, putting some things on ebay and cleaning up my work area - HAH! and getting caught up on some swaps I have to do. I have been getting some really neat things! This is some of it. Aren't those wings neat?

This is also some mail art I received. So much fun to go to the mail box now!

Well, I better get back to work, I have been spending SO much time getting updated on all my blogs - I was 4 DAYS without a computer - EEK! I almost have a book done tho - 100 pages or so, and it's only taken a year and half. Ugh. But it is 970 pages and I always am reading library books that have a deadline. My goal is to get it done this week cause I got some more to read yesterday!

Oh Yeah! I applied a while ago for a part time library job and I got it! I go for training next week and very part time, but that is ok at this point because I want to work here too... but a library? How perfect is that?

Talk soon.

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  1. Oh my gosh, my stomach did a little "sympathy" flip flop just looking at the ride- GREAT PICTURE!

    Congrats on the job- I did volunteer work at the library, just answering the phone and it was fun- I guess I just like being around books too!