Friday, August 24, 2007

Best laid plans....

No, there is not a pic of the envelope up here. It rained all day yesterday, so today I had to get the addition ready for insulation. It was spitting rain a bit, but not too bad. We are blowing insulation under an existing building that had none, so I got everything out of the way and part of the walls ready. We are also insulating the main crawl space and I had to move some stuff out of the way to get down there.

THEN Sean got home early and we decided to do the blown in this afternoon! We got done about 7 and we were COVERED in the stuff - so off to shower and now we have to eat! I just wanted to do a quick post and show you the handmade postcards I did for a swap a couple days ago.

The scrapbooking thing was last night and it was fun. We all brought pics and did a page. Here is my page of part of the trip to New York with Sarah. It was part of a Creative Memories so she was trying to sell us on all the products too- but I have so much stuff now I have to use!! Neat to see new stuff tho and the tools are neat.

Tomorrow is a busy day too with the nasty pink insulation in a small crawl space. Hopefully we will be nice and warm this winter because of it!

Well, I'm off to eat!

Have a good weekend!

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