Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cabinet of Curiosities Challenge

I have signed up for the Cabinet of Curiosities challenge on Artsy mamas sight(link at the side). It is going to start tomorrow and she and Bonnie are going to give out themes. They want you to alter a book, or make 12 x 12 pages for scrapbooking. See more examples at the links at artsy mamas sight and her archives. At first I was just gonna watch, but the more I thought about it, I started to get ideas and I have tons of things to use so why not? Yesterday I got my book at Value Village ( a thrift store) and here is a pic of it.

It is a huge hardcover book called between friends. It was published between Canada and the US and showing all the towns and people and scenery along the longest border in the world. I thought this appropiate since I am in Canada and most in this challenge are from the states! Also, since this is a "cabinet of curiousities" it will be a nice title too. Between friends from me to whoever reads it.

The title is perfect since I am known ( maybe not in the best way either!) for my curiousity! I am a non stop question asker and people tend to get annoyed. I cant help it tho - I have to know things. How else will ya learn right?

There are lots of pictures I want to keep,

and to change and to cover! I'm gettin excited now.

When I was at the dollar store, I didnt want to buy anything except what I was there for ( pads for my couch feet) but I couldnt resist these!

They are stickers! That I can use in the book. They say all kinds of neat things like GLAm, Bliss and Queen Bee. I dont know how well you can see these, but for a buck!! They are puffy and shiny - how dorky am I to get so excited over a dollar. I can hear my daughter now... Oh please mom..

Stay tuned for more updates and if you are new to me cause of the challenge, please read my archives ( not that long!) and let me know you were here with some comments! Thanks!



  1. Thought I'd say howdy! Just found your blog and I love the stuff you are doing. I can totally love your daughter's collage (my daughter is 20 and does LOTS of amazing, inspiring collage and she has to "try" - it just comes natural)! But those crazy stickers for $1 caught my eye! Very cool find!


  2. Dang...crazy fingers...meant to say "inspiring collage and she doesn't have to 'try'" :-)