Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jelly beans

I didn't have a pic of jelly beans and I had this one of my yard a couple days after the snow! We got tons more yesterday and it looks like winter now. I had to actually shovel some - thats a first for this winter and that is rare.

Well, I just got home about 9pm and I was gone all day. Shopping and library!! I will update my purchases soon and let you all see!! Hint: Books and fabric!

I just wanted to post a story from tonight while it was still in my mind. I was in the mall going to the dollar store - LOVE the dollar store and this is not one of those stores where there are 2.99 and 12.99 etc. This is everything for a dollar and I cant believe how they do it so cheap. Tons of neat scrapbooking supplies and everything under the sun. They only take cash so thats one way they keep costs down!

Anyway, as I was walking down the mall, I passed a bunch of those candy machines.. you know the ones where you put in a quarter and twist and your candy comes out?

There was this little old lady in a wheelchair and she was trying to put the coin in. As I was walking past, my first thought was " That's cute... She wants some candy"

Then I saw her having trouble but I kept walking. I was having a debate in my head " You should go help her, no, she might take offence at that and want to do it herself" and back and forth as I walked on.

Ting... I heard her quarter fall to the floor.

I turned and walking back, I watched her try to reach the coin with her foot from the wheelchair. I reached her and asked her if she wanted me to get it. "Yes please".

I put the quarter in and turned easily to get a handful of brightly colored jelly beans. As I put them in her hand I excused my fingers and said "there ya go."

She turned up to me and said " Well now you must have one"

"No, it's ok" I said smiling.

"No please do" she insisted.

I said thanks and kept on my way.

And as I put a fat red jellybean in my mouth, I felt grateful for that oppurtunity and that I didn't just keep walking.

What have you done for your jelly bean today?

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