Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 3 - Dream

This is my 3rd page. I used the background of the mountains on the original book as a background. I got another ad in the mail that I used!! The mail comes in handy! It was an ad that opened up 4 ways so I covered the tops and made it 4 things I dream of. The front is dream of travel.

The second flap is friends...

The third Love....

And the 4th Art that I wrote in the windows and start a business.

And all the way open.


This ia a close up of the top left page with the stars. I wrote " Climb up the mountain and reach for the stars"

I liked how it turned out and looking forward to more! I love how this MAKES me create and that is what I need. It feels great!



  1. The whole page is beautiful. I love how you altered it and how you incorporate images from your mail.
    Really great page!

  2. Cheryl I really like your little flaps, so interesting and they tell a story of so many dreams of yours! I love it! What a way to "recycle" your junk mail too!

  3. Love the flap!! Sooo creative - way to rejunk your mail!

  4. I love how you're using images from magazines and junk mail and making them your own :-) and the flaps in this spread are brilliant!