Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finally!! I'm doing some background

This would be an old window on my porch, it is about 6 ft long and a neat design with the small windows at the top. It is from a bunch of stuff I cleaned out of a barn ( another post!) and I see it fitting for today as I'm letting you in on a window of my life....Cheesy? Not meant to be!

Anyways... My name is Cheryl and I am just turned(end of Nov) 39 and I really am 39 but I probably will be that for a few years now!! I live in Ontario, Canada "up north" everybody says but there is still LOTS more north of here! We are about 2 hours north of the US border and we have no cel phone service, SLOW dial up and 1 yes, ONE TV station. We could get a dish, but I like the no choice thing... and no fighting. We watch lots of movies! That I get from the library (see yesterday's post) and I am on the computer ALOT especially with the blog now and getting caught up on reading all the great blogs out there.
I miss some shows, but now with them all on DVD, I can order them!

Everyone that comes here is HOW do you live up here? I have been here for about 5 years and I love it now. I dont love the hour and 1/2 drive to a city, but otherwise its great. WE are in the middle of tons of pine trees and about 2 acres of land here. Very private and peaceful.

I live here with Sean, my boyfriend of a year and my daughter Sarah who just turned 15 last week. We had a little house and we added on double the space this summer and it is great... The heating bill is not however, but thats what happens with more space! It worked out good that my boyfriend is a carpenter and we built it ourselves.
I want to post some pics of before and after shots - its still a work in progress.

I work from home, doing ebay, working on the house and I am in the process of wanting to open a store down by my Moms which is 2 hours! I know... it will be a seasonal thing I think or I will stay with her part of the week. Have to see. I am getting inventory and trying to find suppliers and also doing some work myself. It will be like a flea market, gift store, art and crafts, vintage things.... I am in middle of gettting concept and name and website and so on. Right now it is -10C out tho and I just think of staying warm! When spring comes, I will be all gung ho I'm sure.

I am an only child and have always lived in Ontario. We've moved about 25 times but always in the province, I have traveled to Europe, Ireland, England, the maritimes, Alberta, Florida and all states in between. Sarah and I are planning a trip march break to Cancun!! Cant wait - no snow ! and some heat. It's been a yearly thing for us for a while, we went to Disney World, Niagara Falls and New York on other years. New York will be a couple posts by itself. If you ever have a chance GO!

I love to travel and to go everywhere is one of my lifes goals. I also love to read DUH! and bake, paint, draw, refinish furniture and love shopping - in thrift stores and others! We have value village here which is a chain of thrift stores and Winners which is all new, but discounted stuff. I have found tons of stuff there and I will remake some and put in the store. I will post pics as I go. I like all kinds of music and have tons to listen to. I always have the music on instead of the TV which is good, coonsidering! I do miss the home shows tho, but I think I would always be watching!

We dont have any pets cause we are always on the go and the house is not big. I was thinking of a hamster?? But not sure how much fun that would be.

Well, I think I have bored you enough for now, but at least you have an idea who I am!


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