Friday, January 19, 2007


Do you know what this is? This is my vice ( another one!) It is an ad for an auction sale. It is tomorrow and most auctions are out in the country with blue skies and warm weather and all the contents laid out on the lawn for the world to see.. and I have been to some of those, but it is now winter and there's no way I am standing out in the cold for any bargain! (Well, maybe NO way.. but not likely!)

This one is going to be inside a HEATED hall with I'm sure CHAIRS and everything laid out on tables. And even tho it is nice to have chairs and heat- I still like the outdoor auction and digging through boxes they haven't had time for.

BUT, I ramble.

I have no choice this time of year and better than not right?

The list was in last weeks newspaper and it reached out and gripped its little claws around me " Large number of pieces from an old stone house...being as found" Lots of furniture, which I love but if you have seen my house and you have heard.. there isn't room for another stick of furniture AND the car I drive is a little convertible. YES, I have put the top down before to fit stuff in!!

So I guess that is a good thing... I wanted to get a truck or SUV but can you imagine the purchases then?! This keeps me limited anyway. But sometimes makes me cringe...this summer a pine drop leaf table for 5 bucks! And I had no room.AHHH!

Rambling again...

Back to the list:

Things I CAN fit in - Old sap buckets, old victorian style bird cage, cheese boxes, old kids toys, butter boxes,crocks, tin signs, quantity of old glass and china, large number of old books(!!!!!), sheet music, old prints and frames, costume jewelry, marbles AND the last sentence always to pique my curiousity - "numerous other antique pieces commonly found around an old farmstead".

It doesn't seem to faze me that it's over an hour away - EVERYTHING up here is an hour away. Or that I should be helping Sean with the house(he likes working alone anyway right?) or the other things that I SHOULD be doing. Forget that! I am getting up on a SAT morn at 7AM and going to check it out.

You'd do the same right?

OH, and since it is in a hall , they are set up for VISA which usually all you can use is cash or cheque.

Oh. my. goodness.

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  1. Okay, I am so dying to go to an auction. I've never been. Never. Right now I'm just itching to spend money on stuff other people don't want around anymore. I can't wait for garage sale season! Jen