Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh Joy!

First, I want say thanks for the comments! This is really neat having this feedback in this way. I have seen some great pages and look forward to seeing more! I havent started mine yet(!!) altho I have some ideas rollin around. I would like to post by Wed morning.

This Wednesday, I am taking my teenage daughter to a .... wait for it .... a ROCK concert!! What was I thinking? I got her tickets for her Birthday and it is in Toronto. So we are leaving after school and we are staying in a hotel downtown within walking distance. I shouldnt say much since I am probably looking forward to it as much as her! If anyone watched Rockstar Supernova in the summer - that is who. I loved the show all summer and watched every episode and when native Toronto Lucas won - WELL! How could we not go? I just hope I am not the oldest one there! Probably not, since most of the band is older than me! I'll let you know how it went.

So about Sarah... this is a girl who seems sometimes to be the complete opposite of me.

She hates books and reading - I ..... well you know me and books
She loves sports and playing them - The only time I like sports is watching someone else play it LIVE not on TV
She SAYS she cant draw or paint and where did everyone else in the family get it from and not her?
She SAYS she doesnt like anything old so when I stop for the flea market, garage sale, antique store.... etc its like pulling teeth to get her to come with me, complaining all the while!

So when I did the last Explore page, I was surprised to have her ask me to see it finished and where it was and what for. She even said she liked it!!

She is in her last week of the semester, and there is major project in English that is due Wed. She has to write a short story, an essay, 3 poems and a news article all on one theme and present it together in a portfolio. She started using Racism, but was getting stuck and not too enthused about it. She called me into her room and said I think I might change my theme to LOVE.

I said, Yeah the poems would be easy, but what would your opinion piece(essay) be about? She said " Is Teenage Love Real?"

She should know... she just had a TWO year anniversary with her boyfriend and she just turned 15!

News Article?" A man having to pull the plug on his dying wife." Wuh... just like that out of her mouth. I said Yeah, that would work, amazed at the thoughts of my child.

She had a folder already for the project and she says " I could put a collage on the cover!" Yes, my daughter you could. So I got all my mags and scissors, glue and stickers and she went at it. Except for supper she worked on it all evening. I snuck a pic in of her working and she was " what are you doing?"

Just keepin a memory darlin'.

When she was done, she showed me and said "Do ya like it? " It was awesome! She even did some stamping!!! Ahhhh. I said I could take a picture and put it on here and she was like "Sure."

And she did the back too.

Isnt that cool?

She has done some collages but they were years ago, and its great for me to see her doing something I like too!

I don't want it to seem we have nothing in common, cause we have LOTS.

shopping(just for new things!),
the computer,
TV shows,
travelling - Less than a month and a half to Mexico!!
and many more.

She makes me laugh and makes me cry(in a good way) Case in point - her rough copy of her short story last night.
"Are you crying? YES!!" with a hand pump in the air, that HER writing moved me to tears.

The first of many I'm sure.

Love ya Hon.


  1. OMG, this is a beautiful Mother/Daughter story. You have talent in common. I hope she lets you share more, I will be back to see.

  2. How cool is she? I know you are bursting with pride. And did I mention that she's gorgeous? Really, really gorgeous? Jen